11th European Conference held at Ranum

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The course of the European conference 2023 will be as follows:

Sunday 30 July
Arrival and opening

Monday 31 July
Meetings & activities

Tuesday 1 August
All-day outings

Wednesday 2 August
11th European conference.
The day ends up with a gala night

Thursday 3 August

After the conference you may participate in home hospitality or an “after tour”.

You will find the link to the registration form on their website.

Should I register early?

It is a good idea to register immediately and not wait until “last minute”. We expect around 180 participants at the conference, and we will allocate rooms in the order in which we receive registrations. We have many different types of rooms, and if you have special wishes for the room, you have a good reason to register quickly.

For our excursion day we are planning three long and two short excursions, and again early registration is a good idea. You will be notified of the excursions as soon as we have them ready for publication, so you can choose the one you feel most passionate about. We will be travelling by bus and therefore there are a limited number of places on each trip.

The themes of our excursions are based on the conference theme (Togetherness – Inspiration – Sustainability) and the related UN SDGs.

How much does it cost to participate?

The price for participation is DKK 4,875 (€650) per pers. for in a 2-bed room with shared bath/toilet (two rooms share one bath/toilet). The amount covers the conference fee, accommodation, all meals and group excursions. 

If you want other rooms…
the price per participant in a 2-bed room with private bath/toilet is DKK 5,175 (€690). A single room with shared bath/toilet costs DKK 5,700 (€760) and a single room with private bath/toilet DKK 6,075 (€810).

If you want to stay in a caravan/camper or tent at Ranum, the cost per participant is DKK 4,500 (€600), which covers the conference fee, meals and group excursions. 

Will an after-tour be available? 

After the conference, you have the opportunity to join a 4 days/3 nights after-tour, which will take you all over Denmark. 

The tour costs DKK 4,745 / approx. € 633 per person in a shared double room and is subject to price increases in 2023. Additional price for single room DKK 795 / approx. € 106. The capacity is 50 participants. 

The after-tour will only take place if a minimum of 40 participants have registered by 28 February 2023. 

Travel to and from Ranum 

If you travel by plane, the nearest airports are Billund (BLL) or Aalborg (AAL). 

If you arrive by plane to Billund, local fellowship members will receive you and help you get on a bus direct to Ranum. The bus transport to and from Billund Airport is not included in the conference fee. 

Aalborg can be reached by plane or by train/ bus. At the airport and train station, a welcoming committee of local fellowship members will take you to a direct bus to Ranum. The bus transport to and from Aalborg is included in the conference fee. 

After-tour through Denmark 

After the conference, a 4 days/3 nights after-tour is offered, which takes the participants far around Denmark. North to south, west to east. But the best thing is that everywhere we go, local fellowship members will be ready with lunch or dinner, which we will enjoy in their company. We expect a price of approximately €560. 

The bus tour starts in Ranum and ends in Copenhagen, so it is wise to book your return ticket from Copenhagen. 

Accommodation before and after the conference 

If you need to arrive in Ranum before the conference starts on 30 July or to leave after the conference ends on 3 August, it is possible to stay overnight at one of the local accommodations. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the school, as courses are held immediately before and after the European Conference. 

If you need help finding accommodation, please send an email to info-euro2023@sct-georg.dk – 

Trip on your own to Løgstør, Aalborg or Viborg 

If during your stay you feel like going on a trip by yourself, there are good opportunities to take public transport (bus) to, for example, Løgstør, Aalborg or Viborg. 

The bus stops 5 minutes walk from the conference venue, and the bus ride to Løgstør bus terminal takes about 15 minutes. 

If you want to go to Aalborg, the bus ride takes about 1 hour 10 minutes each way, and if you want to experience Viborg, the total bus ride will take about 1 hour 50 minutes each way. Both these trips include a bus change; but you can always ask for help. The driver will be happy to guide you. 

If you come by car … 

… and if you drive an electric car, you can safely take it to the European Conference. Ranum Efterskole College has its own charging station, so not only you, but also your car can be filled with energy.