SAGF Newsletter: Winter 2023 Edition

Welcome to this edition of the Newsletter. It seems no time at all since members enjoyed meeting others via ZOOM when we had an opportunity to meet other ISGF members in the African and Europe regions. 

In September there is an opportunity for members to attend the World Conference which will be held in Granada Spain. Please see below for further details. 

Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends

Another year has just whizzed by and here I am composing my Christmas letter and inviting you to our next Annual Meeting. In my tenure as chairman we have visited Bristol, Chester and Waddow in Lancashire and we missed two years because of Co-vid and so these meetings were held on zoom.

This year, selfishly we are coming to Shrewsbury, my home town. Ironically the first time I attended a Scout and Guide Fellowship Annual meeting was in Shrewsbury – years ago. It seems fitting therefore that my final one as chairman comes ‘home’. I won’t elaborate on my time as chairman in this letter as I will not have much to say at the AGM! Please do consider applying for the posts advertised later in this newsletter so that the work of SAGF continues.

As Christmas approaches we cannot help but remember all those people affected by wars. Technology means that the conflicts come into our front rooms. Peace seems a long way off but hopefully the New Year will see fruitful dialogue between countries affected. SAGF and indeed ISGF are great examples of peoples coming together to do great things. Some of the projects we heard about on our Fellowship Day zoom are not only helping other countries but also helping the planet. The cooperation between us shows that humanity can work together no matter their colour or creed. A great example to the world.

I wish you all the compliments of the season wherever you are.

Stay safe.


The 30th World Conference

The Conference Committee have now issued a series of Newsletters which you should have received, if not follow the Conference link on the ISGF Web site.  

The Conference information may also be found using all methods listed below. 

Please remember everyone is always very welcome at the Conference. 

Crafty Corner
Washy Tape Christmas Cards/ Easter Cards

There may be still time to hand-make your own Christmas/ New Year cards with these quick and easy ideas, and they are ideal/mess-free for Rainbows, Brownies and grandchildren (and enjoyed by a Trefoil Guild too!). 

Already done your Christmas cards? You could also use the washy tape to make birthday or Thinking Day cards with your group.


Helen Watson

You will need : 

  • Assorted Washy Tape (The Range, Hobbycraft & most craft shops have it) 
  • Card blanks 
  • Double sided tape 
  • Stick on jewels (optional) 
  • Thin card 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil 

1: Cut a piece of thin card to A6 size, and cover it with strips of Washy tape. (Fig.2)

2: Turn the fully taped card over and draw a Christmassy shape on the back, then cut it out.

3: Stick the cutout to the front of your card blank with double-sided tape. Decorate with stick-on gems (leave them off if you want to post your cards. 

4: Add a Merry Christmas and it’s ready to write.

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 23rd March 10.00 for 10.30 until 3pm at The Shrewsbury Abbey Station Visitor Centre, 192a Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6AH.

Next door to the station is a large Pay and Display Car Park.

This year we are holding our Annual Meeting at the home of the Shrewsbury Railway Heritage Trust the restored Shrewsbury Abbey Railway Station which has just received a red plaque from Transport Heritage. The station was the home of the Shropshire Montgomeryshire railway which closed in 1933 but was rebuilt during WW2 to carry ammunition to a Depot at Kinnerley.

Thinking Day / Founders Day

On Sunday18th February at 4pm there will be a ZOOM meeting to which all members are invited and we hope to link with International ISGF members to share news and Ideas. 

Please contact the Secretary by email for the link.

Do you have a Scouting/ Guiding contact that you could invite to the meeting? 


Did you Know that both WAGGGS and WOSM had a delegation of members who attended the Conference at Dubai and promoted the views of “Youth” concerning climate change. Each delegate has a fantastic CV which is on the WAGGGS or WOSM web sites respectively under the news releases. They really are excellent ambassadors for Guiding and Scouting. 

Apologies from the Editor

for the late production but after preparing the newsletter the total was deleted by mistake – I Must try harder in 2024 

Thank you everyone for all the work that you have done for Scouting and Guiding both in this country and abroad during the past year. 

With every good wish for a Happy and Peaceful 2024.

From the SAGF UK Committee