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Scouting and Guiding is not only a game for children, it is also a way of life for adults"Lord Baden-Powell



The Scout and Guide Fellowship UK (SAGF) is a Member Organisation in the UK for those wishing to belong to the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF)

Members come from all over the UK and are individuals who are, or have been, members of the Scout Association, Girlguiding UK/Trefoil Guild who accept the Scout and Guide Law and Promise and wish to pursue the international aspects of their Associations.

Members throughout the UK support Scouting and Guiding by working with young people, raising money and being there to make things happen. They further support their local communities with international projects but, more importantly, support the International Scout and Guide Fellowship – ISGF.

The Scout and Guide Fellowship UK is a Charitable Company reference No. XT39290. Approval has now been recieved from H M Revenue and Customs that confirms charitable status for The Scout and Guide Fellowship UK for tax. This is in line with paragraph 1 of schedule 5 of the Finance Act 2010 and enables all donations to be included in the "Gift Aid" scheme.

Click here to download the The Scout and Guide Fellowship Constitution


Partnerships - Overview of all Organisations

UNHCR – Global Partnership renewed between UNHCR and ISGF

WAGGGS – World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

WOSM – Relationship with World Organisation of the Scout Movement



Twinning is a practical way for members to be involved internationally. The principle of twinning is to establish contact between members of the International Fellowship in different parts of the world.

For full details and arrangements visit www.isgf.org




Facilitating membership of the International Scout & Guide Fellowship (ISGF).


Work in harmony with UK Scouting, Guiding UK and the Trefoil Guild giving support.

Community Work

Encouraging members to take part in, or support local community work.


To promote friendship among its members and fellow members in other countries.


Promoting Fellowship Day each year on 25th October, participating in ISGF gatherings, conference and other events.


Receiving and distributing information from and promoting special appeals put forward by ISGF.
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