Halifax 11th – 14th May 2018. The weekend went well and the weather was perfect. Hotel very quaint but no lift a bit of a problem for some of us.

Saturday morning after the room was set out for the afternoon meeting we visited the Piece Hall which has recently had a makeover. When the Piece hall was opened in 1779 it was for the wool merchants to display their wares to the buyers. The length of the hall was the exact length of a bolt of cloth and the merchants could see that there was no flaws in the cloth.

It has a very chequered past being a market and before that a Wholesale Fruit  and Vegetable market. The evening meal was at the Old Bridge Inn, Ripponden, which is on an old pack horse trail from Rochdale to Halifax.

Sunday saw us visit Shibden Hall, Shibden Valley, the home of the Lister family for many generations before being given to Halifax Town. It was to be the last day for six months that people would be able to visit – A Historical drama was to be filmed there about the Lister family. We finished our travels at the Shibden Mill Inn another quaint old pub and restaurant.

Report for annual meeting and gathering 2018.

The last year has been very busy for members of SAGF, although our numbers are relatively small, individual members are working tirelessly to support both Guide and Scout movements and the NSGF.

World Conference.

5 members attended - two as delegates, one as the Conference Vice Chairman and three observers. We produced a Power Point presentation about the UK NSGF, the script in English and the commentary given eloquently by Katharine in French.
We are very lucky to have amongst our membership people who give their time to volunteer on ISGF task teams to help the World Committee, you will hear from Jane and Dave later.


This is up and running and kept up to date regularly by Alan Beavis. It contains publicity about all future events including the Western European Sub Region Gathering in Eastbourne. All our members are emailed personally immediately when any ‘news’ is received, passed on by our Membership Secretary, Margaret McColm.


We have had publicity presence at Trefoil Guild Annual meetings, International Days, Singing events and other special interest gatherings. (All the leaflets about Eastbourne regularly disappear).

Fund raising.

We have spent the year raising money for the Ghanaian Children’s trust, our chosen Charity for the year. Congratulations to Jean Edusei who spoke so inspiringly about her work at our last Gathering in Newcastle, as she was awarded the MBE in the Birthday Honours.
Members of the Trefoil Guild are also raising money for their 75th anniversary charity, Riding for the Disabled.
As members of ISGF we now look forward to supporting their new project in Uganda, also to exploring the possibilities of twinning with them in the future.

Trustees/Committee members.

Our constitution is designed to ensure a regular turnover of committee members, consequently Liz Aveston, Alan Beavis and Peter Short will be leaving the committee having completed a maximum term of 6 years. Also Katharine Diver has resigned from the committee this year. Many thanks to these members for their years of service and welcome to those who I’m sure will volunteer to replace them!!

Liz Aveston. 12.05.2018

Reports from ISGF team members.

1. Dave Mowbray (projects volunteer for the ISGF Activities Team) sent an update on the Uganda Refugee Project which SAGF will be supporting in the coming year. He also attended the evening meal to further discuss the project and answer any questions. His report attached.

2. Jane Wardropper (‘legal’ volunteer for ISGF) spoke about her role, also about the Ambassadors Guild.

Minutes from the Scout and Guide Fellowship UK Annual Gathering

The Imperial Crown Hotel, Halifax,12th May 2018 2.00pm

1. The Chairman, Liz Aveston, welcomed everyone to the meeting
Present: Liz Aveston - chairman, Peter Short – treasurer, Jane Wardropper, Margaret McColm, Pam Gardner. Helen Watson, Jennifer Roberts, Allan and Sue Page, Diane Haigh, June Lockwood [Halifax Scout District Secretary]

2. Apologies: Jen and Alan Beavis, Katharine Diver, Margaret Diver, Jan Woodroffe, Muriel Rainer, Dave Mowbray, Marjorie Robinson, Rosalind Hall.

3 . Minutes of the last Annual meeting on 13th of May 2017 at St Andrews Church Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne were read and accepted.

4. Chairman’s report: Having been previously distributed, the chairman highlighted several points including thanks to the retiring committee members. [copy attached for members]

5. Treasurer’s report: balance sheet attached [on request]

6. Auditor: It was agreed that Philp Martin be appointed auditor for the next year.
Adoption of the reports were proposed by: Pam Gardner, seconded by:  Jennifer Roberts and agreed unanimously.

7. Election of Trustees:
Margaret McColm, and Dave Mowbray were nominated to continue their terms of office as trustees for 3 and 2 years respectively.
Muriel Rayner and Jane Wardropper were nominated to start 3 year terms of office on the SAGF committee.
Proposed by: Pam Gardner, seconded: by: Jennifer Roberts and agreed unanimously by those present.

This concluded the official business of the meeting.

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