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The ISGF Project to help at the Refugee camp in Northern Uganda has been well publicised at our AGM and in various Newsletters as well as coverage on the ISGF website .

The story so far is that the original help offered to UNHCR was for tent-age for approximately 100 people and the cost was put at $25 per head. In April at the request of UNHCR it was changed from tent-age to a more permanent form of accommodation for the same number of people and that took the cost to $75 per head. At that time, from money already donated to ISGF there was enough to provide 30 units. Since then there has been an additional request to increase the number of units, at an estimated cost of $75 per head.

UGANDAGuilds and Fellowships from various parts of the world have responded to the challenge in different ways. Here in the UK we have used the NSGF International Emergency Aid Fund to quickly answer the request for funds.

We have also made an appeal in our Spring Newsletter and Committee members organised a collection, crafts, badge and stamp sales at the Western European Gathering in Eastbourne. Altogether we have raised over £750, enough to supply 10 more units.

We would like to be able to do more. Time is of the essence as the period for the appeal is passing quickly. Can we ask you to "Do Your Best" and to make a personal donation or do some fundraising in a way that is suitable to you or your Guild. Some ideas or suggestions which may help you to get people thinking and involved are:-
Coffee mornings / Bag Packs / Group Donation / Social Evenings / Race Nights / Quiz Nights / Sponsored Walks / Darts or Domino Nights / Games Nights / Book Stalls... or perhaps organise an Indian or Chinese Meal in a local Restaurant. Negotiate a reduced price for a fixed menu and charge the full Menu price on the ticket..The difference goes immediately to the Appeal and topped up with any raffle or tombola that is held. 

Whatever you decide to do 'Good Luck' and thanks for your support.

Muriel Rayner

Download the Uganda Gift Aid form here >>

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