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Dear Friends,

Our ISGF project to assist at the refugee camp in Uganda has been well publicised and is already functioning. You may remember it is to provide tentage to give necessary protection for the growing number of refugees.

However, following a meeting in February and visits to the camp by the local ISGF coordinating team, UNHCR, because of the changing needs of the camp have made a request that we alter our project from supplying tents to providing a more permanent form of accommodation.

At the main reception area for new arrivals they have more than enough tentage to meet their needs and the life of a tent in Ugandan conditions is very limited for various reasons, from both climate and nature.

The cost of providing new accommodation is vastly more expensive but provides us with an exciting and much more rewarding project. With the money already donated we can provide 20 new units, using traditional

Ugandan methods of construction and is the kind of structure that the Africans are happy and familiar with.

We are already talking of an "ISGF Village" well signposted and involving the local scouts and guides, meeting the desires of UNHCR to reach the needs of the children. Equipment for education, games and activities would be sourced locally thus helping the local economy and the cost will come under the main budget.

All of this is still in the negotiation stage but the enthusiasm on both sides to make things work, points to a more exciting and rewarding project.

Dave Mowbray
7th May 2018

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