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Saturday 24th April 7pm via zoom.

At our most recent committee meeting it was agreed that this year’s annual meeting 24th April should once again be held over zoom. The meeting will start at 7pm. If you would like to attend please ask Jane, our secretary for details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Friday 4 - Sunday 6 September... the reunion this year will be something a little different...

Attend Reunion from the comfort of your own home, as it’s completely digital this year and free. The programme will include a variety of training sessions and interactive workshops (both live and pre-recorded) as well as the all-important socials. Make sure you register your interest in Reunion to receive weekly updates about what's happening.

To find out more about 2020 Giwell Reunion  >>

Check out SAGF advert in the Reunion 2020 programme...



The project was presented to the world conference in Bali by a recommendation from Martine Levy who had an interaction with UNHCR agency in Geneva, The UNHCR recommended that ISGF gives support to the refugee coming to Uganda from south Sudan as part of our partnership with UNHCR, The shelter was approved and fundraising for the project started.

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REMINDERS to all - its time to renew your membership.

Please download the form >> Membership form

Download the Bank Standing Order >> Standing order form


In 1965 ISGF members in Norway decided to collect and sell used stamps and the proceeds are forwarded to the International Development Fund, which provides practical & financial support for Scouting & Guiding.

Please send your stamps to Peter Short, 29 Chadderton Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 1EL

Thank you.

The ISGF Project to help at the Refugee camp in Northern Uganda has been well publicised at our AGM and in various Newsletters as well as coverage on the ISGF website .

We have a brand new SGF promotional sail which can be borrowed for events please get in touch with Muriel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018 fellowship day message

Click here to download the Fellowship Day message written by Mathius Lukwago, Chairman of the ISGF World Committee.

The Guidelines for events have been updated to make the planning and organization of conferences, gatherings and other events easier within Regions and Sub Regions.

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Dear Friends,

Our ISGF project to assist at the refugee camp in Uganda has been well publicised and is already functioning. You may remember it is to provide tentage to give necessary protection for the growing number of refugees.

Like what you see... need to know more... what to know how we can help... would like to be involved... become a member or...
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