INVEPI Refugee Shelter project

The project was presented to the world conference in Bali by a recommendation from Martine Levy who had an interaction with UNHCR agency in Geneva, The UNHCR recommended that ISGF gives support to the refugee coming to Uganda from south Sudan as part of our partnership with UNHCR, The shelter was approved and fundraising for the project started.

Initially the shelter was supposed to be of Turplins but when the team visited the camp it was advisable by the camp administration that instead of constructing turplins shelters which could last for only 6 months, ISGF reduces the number of huts so that we can construct semi-permanent house which would last longer than the turplins.

The world committee had a discussion and it was agreed to construct the sem-permanent huts which exist even today.

During the meeting with the National Fellowship of uganda, Members  assigned  Mr. Lwasa Ronald and Kalyango Fredrick to manage  the construction work in collaboration with the beneficiary residents in the Invepi refugee settlement.

They took up the task and the  project was launched in 20th June during the refugee day, it took about 2 months and 3 weeks to construct the 35 huts.

The overall goal was to construct 50 huts, we so far managed to construct 35 huts because of the available funds and we still need to construct the remaining 15 huts when funds are available.

Each house/hut was estimated to cost about Euros 514

We received the funds from the Bureau in two bunches  

  • Euros 13,063.70 in June 2018
  • Euros.4,000 received in August 2018.  


The major challenge was the distance from Kampala to Arua and to the camp

  • Kampala to Arua about 500kms
  • Arua to the Kampa about 70kms (on a bad road)

Other challenges were:

  • The needs were too much and some of the selections by the camp administration were not fare.
  • Weather was not good,
  • Some refugee were not friendly
  • Some refugee used to take our materials when they wanted to do something in their homes,
  • The working conditions for the team was really difficult.

The national fellowship administration did not give the necessary support instead they kept complaining, we visited the construction work for over 3 times with transport provided for and they never shown interests go and see the work in the camp up to date.

Project team

Overseer: Mathius Lukwago
Technical Support: Mario Bertagnolio
Project Manager: Victoria Namusisi
Site manager: Lwasa Ronny
Monitoring: Ssali Richard Kaggwa
Secretary: Immaculate Nalubega
Treasurer: Immaculate Nabukeer
Support staff: Mpagi Livivngstone
Support staff: Fred kalyango 
Support staff/Media Photos: Asafu kasujja